Sunday, May 22, 2011

Road Trip~

The girls and I are off  later this afternoon~ can't wait!  Austin will be staying with my aunt so no worries there and Tom will be taking care of the pets.  We are just so excited to be getting out of town and away from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life...if only for the next few days.  Mandy will be having her graduation pictures done and Gabby will be along for the enjoyment.  It has been quite sometime since we have had some girls only time so we are looking forward to it.  Mom will be home on Monday afternoon and things will never be the same....she has gotten herself a boyfriend~ Yes! that is what I said..I am afraid that she has forever changed her relationship with the children.  I can't begin to know what she is thinking or feeling and at this point; I am taking a big leap back and concentrating on my husband and children.  I am curious to see what it is like in the town my girlfriend lives in as we were supposed to move there before dad passed away.  I know the company Tom is working for has a location about forty-five minutes away in for thought.  Tom is doing well in his job..some days are better than others sales wise but God is good and his provision continues.  I have started to watch my niece for my brother and his wife and that is a little extra income.  She is very cute and I am enjoying spending time with her. Well~ off I go to pack...I always wait till the last minute.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Life lately has been moving along at a pace that really seems frantic to say the least! Mom will be leaving tomorrow for the west coast to apply for a teaching position with several colleges.  I am hoping and praying that the Lord provides her with work.  Since dad has been gone; mom has been all over the place with her emotions.  At times I have wanted to just retreat from it all but I can't....who else would be there~  So in the end although I will miss her and I know she will miss us it would be a very good thing.  She has always enjoyed teaching and her students always love her and her teaching style.  She is going to be staying with a missionary couple in their guest house.  She'll have company when she wants and space when she needs it.  We will be pet sitting while she is away and I will be tending to dad's garden.  His garden is looking beautiful with the flowers blooming.  I have been on the mend at home.  God is good and continues to meet our every need. Tom is doing very well at his job~ his co-worker and bosses all like him.  He has always been a people person.  I was forced to resign because as a new employee I only had so much leave...I must say I have had a struggle with feeling like a failure but I keep reminding myself that God is in control.  I left on good terms; so who knows what might happen.  For now I am trying to be content in knowing that my husband, children and home are being well taken care of~I continue to pray for the kids as there have been so many different transitions but I am seeing God work in them all.  Mandy will be officially graduated in  June...where did all the time go?  Austin and Gabby will be studying through the summer with my help.  I am hoping to get away with the girls next week to visit a dear friend who will be taking Amanda's senior pictures.  Can't wait!  It will be our first road trip together in over a year.  So many changes these last several months but God continues his faithfulness to me.

Gabby's Journals~

Found a neat site today while looking for journals for the Gabber; called cafe express.  She loves to write and collect her journals...we have been in and out of many a bookstore looking high and low for her next journal.  Gabs loves to write her poems, thoughts and stories but they all have to be stored in something special...any old notebook just doesn't cut it for the Gabber.  So I was happy that I found something!  Yeah~ for me the mom.  Can't wait to surprise she was hinting the other day that she had nothing to write in. ...she is so funny she gets her inspiration by how it looks~ but I have to say I can understand; something pretty always inspires.