Sunday, August 19, 2012

God is Faithful~

God is forever faithful; in the big and small things of life.  Tom lost his job two weeks ago Friday..and to say this didn't send me into a tailspin would not be honest.  I saw it coming...and yet when it happens~well that is something all together different.  I began to pray...there are times throughout the day when my munchkins are napping and it is quiet and I sit there and pray and just talk to the Lord...telling him what is going on and how if it were  not for him; I would have lost it a long time ago.  So I began a job search and found one at a Christian school and I thought ok this is what God has for me.  Not the perfect school but more money.  Well~the Lord had other plans...plans that I could not see....I was offered a good raise to stay right where I am with a job that is five minutes from my home.  God is good!  He is faithful; even when I have lost hope.  I know that I cannot see the big picture and the reason for all the twists and turns but he does and in his time; it will be revealed.  I ask each day for the strength and energy I need to get through and he has provided.  I have asked for continued provision and he has provided...I know that he will continue to walk with me through this bumpy ride and he will continue to guide and direct me steps.  It hasn't been easy and there are days I am overwhelmed but he continues to provide me the comfort that can only be given by him...and for that I am so very thankful.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Joy of the Lord~

I love the Psalms....David had been through and seen many things~and God was there in the middle of it all.  His failings...triumphs.  Well~I know that God is in the middle of my stress and I am thankful that although I have no idea of the why...He will continue to give me the strength to keep walking.  Tom is going to be let go tomorrow from his job...again.  I know that this is not a shock for the Lord and I know that He will continue to provide for our family.  It has been many hills and valleys these past several years but the JOY of the LORD IS MY STRENGTH!  When I am feeling at a loss; He is there.  When I am questioning; He is there.  When I think I cannot take another moment; He is there....and I tell you enough that He has carried me through because on my own I would not have the strength to walk.  So even though I may not know what God is up too; I wait and trust and believe that He does indeed have a plan.