Thursday, June 23, 2011

One moment at a time~

I am now employed again....Yeah!  I am so thankful that God has provided for our family.  I am going to be granny-sitting three days a week 7-7...long day yes~ but with God all things are possible.  I believe that the Lord gave me the job and he will give me strength that I need.  Granny is in hospice care so it will not be long term position but having walked through this journey with grandma; I am happy to assist this family.  Tom Lord-willing be be starting a new job in the next several his field!  I am so happy that this may be possible.  He had a wonderful interview and the gentleman that conducted that interview said he would hire him on the spot but that he was going away on vacation for two when he gets back Tom will be meeting with his boss and we will go from there~  One step a time.  I will be taking Austin to the doctor tomorrow in order to get him a referral for Miami children's hospital.  He has been having extremely painful  join and because of my history it has to be taken very seriously.  He is unable to even pick up a pencil right now....I am praying for wisdom on the doctors part so that they will know the tests to run in order to help my son.  My aunt~ dad's sister was diagnosed on Monday with breast cancer.  She is just beside herself...she will have to have surgery to determine how invasive the cancer is and than radiation.  Wow~ I cannot understand how people without the Lord handle life....I know that I never is only knowing that God walks along with me in this life that allows me to keep going and get up each day.  Her name is Sylvia for you prayer warriors out there~  One day a time...sometimes only a moment at a time but God's faithfulness is my strength.  God is my sounding board and when I think I cannot take another thing; I take it to him.  Thank you Lord for always having an ear...even when I question, yell, scream and cry and wonder why.....

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Off to the races~

I have been off and running now for over a week~ it seems that life never slows down...what a thought!  Ran Austin to the doctor on Monday.  He has been battling insomnia again; my poor son has suffered a real lack of sleep these past few weeks.  So bit the bullet and took him to our old family doctor though it wasn't covered. She is such a wonderful and compassionate person.  Not only did she reduce the visit but gave us all the homeopathic remedies in order to help him...and Praise God!  The child has been sleeping.  I will need to follow him up though with the doctor on his plan because he needs to go to Children's Hospital in Miami due to the chronic joint pain.  I am praying that God is merciful and my son does not have any of the diseases I have~  I can only pray.  Tom had a wonderful interview this afternoon and will be meeting with the higher-ups in the next several weeks.  The job is in his field, reprographics and the pay is good.  In the meantime I need to go back to work for now in order to lighten my husbands load.  So I am off this afternoon to an interview at Bloomingdales.  The kids are on summer break and we are awaiting Amanda's high school diploma! Wow~ that went by in a blink.  Austin and Gabby will continue to school at home...just some rest for the summer needed for them and me.  Mom continues to see her beau and will more than likely be taking a job on the West coast.  I have just given this over to the Lord~  Really...did I ever think I was in control?!  I am learning each and every day that I am not..and to leave it in his hands.   It hasn't been an easy lesson; to say the very least!  I have also applied for a position at church working in the children's ministry but they won't be hiring until the I wait.  Tonight is church for the girls...Mandy has choir practice and Gabby is going to start attending the high school youth group.  I am hoping that Austin will tag along~ he is shy and uninterested...I pray daily for my children that the Lord would keep them with him at all times.  It is never easy this life we lead and all I can do is place our lives daily in his hands....and on that note I need to be off and running to get ready for my interview.