Saturday, October 30, 2010

God is good~

I remember an old song that we sang in church when I was a young girl~  God is so good...God is so good...God is so good...He's so good to me~  He is good!  I have been going and going so more and He has given me the strength to keep on going...even when I have been exhausted!  The Lord I believe has taken me through many a  storm and He has not failed me yet and so I continue to walk~  I love my job at church.  The kids are so great~  I enjoy the so much and to know that I can sow into their lives if only for a couple of hours is very encouraging.  Lord willing we will be moving soon~  not sure when other sometime before the end of December.  Transitions are never easy but they are necessary sometimes for our growth...not that I like growing right not but it is either I embrace change and go with the flow or resist and stand in Gods way....I will not stand in His way...stepping aside to see what is in store for our family~

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday afternoon~

God is my source of comfort and strength~  I find myself today contemplating this....Life is very hard and I do not know how I would get through it without my Lord.  The past couple of days have been long and hard but with Gods grace I continue to get through and for this  I am extremely grateful and very blessed.  When I think I cannot go on due to mental and physical exhaustion the Lord continues to sustain me.  Mandy is going with friends to church tonight and Gab and I are going to walk around together and go window shopping.  Tom is off to pick Mandy up at church and will be stopping by my parents....Lord willing I am hoping that dad will be able to get through to him and help him out of the depression that he is experiencing.  Our God is so good~  He continues to help me walk through this journey ; whether I am in the valley or on the mountain top.  Thank you Lord for your continued faithfulness.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Today was day two of working part-time....the Lord is faithful and gracious.  I must say that I am exhausted and achy but!  I got through and was able to go and help with Summer and get some writing done.  My dad came home this evening with some very good news~  the doctor told him this evening that his leg looks fantastic!  Words cannot begin to describe how thankful I am for the Lords mercy in hearing our prayers.  I will be back over at moms in the morning to help with the munchkin while mom runs dad to dialysis.  I am praying that as I write tomorrow that the Lord would enable me to hear Him and to write only what He wants me to say and share.  I believe that the Lord will open doors and assist our family back onto our feet.  I just need to try to stay positive and remember that He is control and that He will continue to give us what we is not easy but God continues to give me the physical and mental and spiritual strength needed on a daily basis.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Another day done~

Well~  my dear sweet cousin who lost her died two months ago to brain cancer is going to go to bat for our family with the hoa and see if we can't rent the townhouse.  It is in Gods hands~  I have to believe and have faith...after all He has always provided!  Watched the little munchkin today and boy; she was everywhere in her walker.  I tied her toys onto her highchair and her walker because she is at the dropping stage!  I am truly enjoying is such the Lord that I am getting to spend time with her in this manner....I had wanted to desperately adopt but once I was diagnosed with Lupus that was taken off the table as agencies consider this a fatal disease.  So God provides in this case allowing me to have a role in helping to raise this precious little one.  She is simply beautiful and I am not just saying this as her auntie!  ha ha  I pray that she comes to know the Lord and that her parents do also~  Praise God!  The nurse practitioner was in this morning to see my dad and she looked at his leg...and it is beginning to heal!  Thank you Jesus!!  Ladies our God is faithful!  So today wherever you find yourself and whatever you may be going through the Lord is there walking with you in the middle of the storm.  I don't say this lightly...I say this to remind myself as well~  God has called us to lift each other up and when we fall down He will pick us up and we as fellow believers are there to encourage each other~  All praise and glory and honor belongs to Him!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Long hard day~

It was a hard day today~  I suppose I had my idea of what was best for us and God had can be difficult wanting something so much and not getting it.  In this instance it was a home...but I know that God will provide...although I have to admit I have a world of questions swirling around in my head.  I start work at the church on Wednesday morning and work again that night and Thursday....and along with the speaking and writing; it looks like I will also be working at the the Lord is definitely providing!  Now we simply need a place to live~  I cooked a big dinner on Sunday night at my parents house and everyone really seemed to enjoy it~ especially Austie...he had three plates!  Growing teenage boy! ha ha  God is giving me the strength to get through each day as I keep continually busy.  I just have to continue packing but that is on hold until I finish writing my ebooks and finish speaking online on Friday night.  If any of you ladies want to come on by and have a listen I will be speaking at the Ultimate Homeschool Fall Expo~  You can find the website on Facebook.  It is not just for homeschoolers as the many speakers are talking about keeping Christ in the holidays.  Something that I think is so important for everyone~  as we can get so caught up in getting presents and the rush of the season.  I have always tried since the kids were little to help them remember that it is not about the getting but the giving and remembering who gave the ultimate sacrifice for us~

Friday, October 8, 2010

Beautiful day in the neighborhood~

Spent the morning with dad before he had to go to dialysis...we were able to have breakfast together.  He is stronger than when he initially got home...he was not strong at all and quite frustrated but! thank God he is able to stand for a limited amount just enough to get in his chair in the living room to elevate his leg.  I was able to get a part time at church for bible study that will be a little pocket money for essentials~  I know the Lord will provide.  I am in the process of learning how to write an e-book and store website...never too old to learn!  We are looking at houses this weekend and Lord willing the car will sell and we will be on our way to settling back down...the kids need the stability of knowing that we are going to be in one place for an indefinite period of time.  I cannot wait to be settled down again!  So looking forward to being able to put things in there place and know that they are going to stay that way unless I want to move them!  Tired today~  been a long haul and I am sure there is still a great deal ahead....but with God's grace all things are possible....

Psalm 30:11
You turned my wailing into dancing;
you removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy,
that my heart may sing to you and not be silent, 
O Lord my God, I will give thanks forever!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Dad is home!  Mom is worried that it is too soon as he still has mrsa...but I believe he has a better chance of healing at home.  Less germs more interaction with those he loves and those who love him.  He now has a black nail so I continue to pray about that also~  dad though is a trooper.  Having been through so much and yet he is still cheerful and joyful especially when around his precious grandchildren.  I pray each day blessings of strength upon him and my mom...especially since they are both physically tired at this point.  I think that given all that has happened they are doing incredibly good and I can only attribute that to the Lord.  Tom was let go on Saturday from his job for poor sales...he is holding up though~  I got an email last night from church about working a couple of days in the childrens ministry.  I will be working basically the same schedule as Amanda so now instead of dropping her off I will be staying and working.  Once again the Lord is providing.  We are going to start looking at homes tomorrow.  Tom's mom and my parents are helping us to move...God's provision again~  Thank you Lord!

Friday, October 1, 2010

God's Provision

God's provision is amazing!  He never ceases to provide for me...a good friend has invited me to speak at an online conference.  There are just several things that I must do....make a blog...check...that is in my comfort zone...speak to people..check...comfort zone once again....write an e-book...stretching...power point...stretch some more~  But!  as the Lord provides some more a dear friend is today taking a class in how to write an afternoon ; no less!  Power point...I am taking a tutorial.  God is always stretching me and growing me in so many ways....three teens come to mind!  So ladies please if you know anyone who homeschools or who would like to be encouraged as the conference is on Keeping Christ in the Holidays...come on over and listen...and if you are interested in hearing me ramble some more come on over to my new blog too!   

On another note:  Please continue to pray for my dad..he now has Mersa in the leg he had amputated.  I know God can do all things~  You ladies are faithful prayer warriors!  And you know we walked this past last year with him as well but now it is a matter of losing his leg completely. Prayer for strength for both mom and dad....sometimes mom gets forgotten in all of this and it is difficult being a caregiver.  I pray God's blessing be upon each and everyone of your households!