Friday, October 23, 2009

End to another week~

"Do Not Grow Weary"......

I am so trying to remember this as time goes by without Tom having employment. He has sent out so many resumes.....and each time he gets an email or call our hopes perk up and than .....Nothing~ We know God has a plan for us...what it is I am not sure but we know there's a plan. I keep trying to keep everything in perspective~ there are so many people we know in our position or worse. I am grateful for many things though~ I have a husband who is not a quitter and is a hard worker...a man that loves his family and although not perfect and grumpy at times...I can be too~ Our children are well adjusted especially for all that they have experienced. I am thankful that we home school that in itself has given us such flexibility that we are really able to roll with the punches. The Lord has been extremely merciful where my father is concerned..he is a walking miracle for all that his body has been through~ My grandma God bless her is an absolute pip! She is so loved~ Grandma calls everyone baby and darlin and is always testifying to God's greatness. She is a real inspiration. And I have to praise God that He continues to take me through my health challenges and keeps me going with energy when I need it and lets me rest when that is needed.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Pressing on~

This is the day that the Lord has made...I will rejoice and be glad in it!

It was a late...late morning and a late night~ Enough said! But~ Today is a new day and with God's grace it will be a new beginning to a new day and new week. I have Gabby at the table doing her schoolwork and Tom is cleaning out our desk in the bedroom...Thank you Lord! It was beginning to take over our room~ Austin and Manda are still down for the count. Austin has suffered a bit of a setback with his anxiety disorder but we are battling on....bless his heart the child gets up no matter what time of the day and starts his chores and schoolwork. Mandy is battling a bug and she shared she is depressed...can't blame is a lot to deal with here but she too is trying to press on. I am feeling better than I have in days if only a bit tired but it is a great improvement I am experiencing from last week! So I press on toward the goal~ Thank you Lord for your mercies and kindness even when I am not faithful.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Down for the count~

Well....everyone is now down with the "cold" that we brought home from the doctors office. So it was an extremely lazy day of sleep, TV...books and the kids taking turns climbing in bed with me and vegging~ Heard from mom who sounds very company lately as we are sick and we do not want to pass this along to dad in his compromised condition. He had another dialysis treatment on Friday. We don't know how long it will take for the treatments to start to take we continue to pray and trust that the Lord will see him through~ I feel so bad for not seeing grandma has been three days and I know that she has been having a great deal of issues with her eyes. I will have to make another eye appointment for her. I continue to pray that the Lord would protect her and restore her health and mind. I have a great sense of guilt about her stroke...I wasn't around for weeks as I was in the hospital in Orlando and than here at home....I try not to think about the woulda , coulda, shoulda's but it is hard when I see her having a bad day~ I know that all of these life experiences we have been through will be used by the Lord for our is just that this process of growth can be exhausting! Sometimes I wanna just ask the Lord....can we skip this part?! and move along to the easy part~ I just want our family to be settled. I know the God see's where we're at..I suppose I just really need to not look at where we were..and accept where we're at...and I need to remember that God's timing is perfect~

Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday night~

Another Friday has come...and now it is almost gone~ Spent the day today in bed. Tom and I went to the doctor the other day for his check-up and there was a man hacking and coughing everywhere..needless to say whatever bug he had I caught~ Yuck! So for the most part I tried to rest. Tom spent the day going to a school to check out the health care industry and then off to his mom's where she put him to work in the yard. I had a situation with grandma and one of her nurses...this was long and drawn out due to the nurse thinking she knew better than the doctors in charge and her superiors...same nurse I had problems with last week. Oh, how I wish we could bring grandma home but because of the uncertainty of the work situation and housing..we have to wait. It has been a hard day, week, month...last ten employment for my husband...and just when we think that he has a job it falls through~ I know that God has a plan for us...I just wish the Lord would show it to us....I need the Lord to give Tom a job! It is not that God's provision is not is just that a man needs to work. I am just feeling very stressed today and weary and worn...I am asking God to reveal Himself to us~

Monday, October 12, 2009

Going Home~

A dear saint went home today to be with the Lord~ I am certain that heaven was rejoicing at his homecoming. Chris Klicka a man of God a man who stood up for the rights of so many through the an attorney with HSLDA. A wonderful person who suffered so from MS~ Someone who upon me learning of my diagnosis offered great words of encouragement. I pray for those grieving his wife, Tracey and their eight children...the youngest eleven years old. He will no longer be pain and will once again be healthy...Praising the Lord as he always did..even in his death his testimony speaks volumes. Dear friend thank you for all you did on behalf of so many...I will miss you~

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Praise Report~

Wow! It has been a whirl-wind here as of late...if I am not running to the nursing center for grandma~ I have been to the hospital or to walk mom and dad's dog Dalia...but through it all the Lord has been so gracious to give me the strength and fortitude to keep on keeping on! Thank you Lord~ My father was rushed to the hospital last Thursday unable to breathe was touch and go~ I am so thankful for the Lord's guiding the doctors that are taking care of him to do the tests that needed to be run and give him the medication that was needed. He had surgery on Monday to check his heart for blockages and was found to have a fifty to sixty percent blockage but did not have to have a stint put will simply be handled with medication therapy. Tuesday he had another surgical procedure to put a port in his neck for dialysis and than the dialysis was begun~ It was an extremely painful procedure...the dialysis was done several times using this port and than this afternoon the port was closed in his neck and put in his chest. This has all been extremely hard on dad's system...extreme pain..not breathing was giving him a great deal of anxiety but he was given medication that not only allowed him to breathe but took away the anxiety attacks. Praise God~ He is an extremely private man who has been married to mom for 42 years and so the lack of privacy as a man has also been an issue...I think he is coming through like a the honorable man that he is~ It has been a testimony to my children the way their papa is walking through this trial in his life. My mom has had many a break-down when she has gotten it is so hard for her to see my father suffer. I continually pray God would give her the strength and grace to get through this season in their lives. My father is a walking and talking miracle and I pray God's blessing be upon him.