Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday night~

Another Friday has come...and now it is almost gone~ Spent the day today in bed. Tom and I went to the doctor the other day for his check-up and there was a man hacking and coughing everywhere..needless to say whatever bug he had I caught~ Yuck! So for the most part I tried to rest. Tom spent the day going to a school to check out the health care industry and then off to his mom's where she put him to work in the yard. I had a situation with grandma and one of her nurses...this was long and drawn out due to the nurse thinking she knew better than the doctors in charge and her superiors...same nurse I had problems with last week. Oh, how I wish we could bring grandma home but because of the uncertainty of the work situation and housing..we have to wait. It has been a hard day, week, month...last ten employment for my husband...and just when we think that he has a job it falls through~ I know that God has a plan for us...I just wish the Lord would show it to us....I need the Lord to give Tom a job! It is not that God's provision is not is just that a man needs to work. I am just feeling very stressed today and weary and worn...I am asking God to reveal Himself to us~

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Debbie said...

Vickie, so sorry to hear that things are still so tough for you and your family. We've been through a lot in the last 4 years as a family but unemployment isn't one of them and I can only imagine how I'd deal with that!
You said something that rang out loud and clear and was a real testimony about your situation. You said "It is not that God's provision is not there..."
I don't pretend to know the mind of God but to those who are watching you at this time, that is a mighty statement. His timing is sure not our timing, because I always think He could do things quicker. I read recently that 'His delays are not necessarily denials'. I really hope that Tom gets that job soon; I know that would solve a lot of problems. But I am always encouraged by the way you just continue to praise Him the way you do and believe that He loves you and you will continue to present a mighty testimony to those around you.
Sometimes I wish I was rich and could solve everyone's problems, but then I'd be called 'government' and God wouldn't be glorified in that!
Looking forward to the good news that we know will come!