Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Praise Report~

Wow! It has been a whirl-wind here as of late...if I am not running to the nursing center for grandma~ I have been to the hospital or to walk mom and dad's dog Dalia...but through it all the Lord has been so gracious to give me the strength and fortitude to keep on keeping on! Thank you Lord~ My father was rushed to the hospital last Thursday unable to breathe was touch and go~ I am so thankful for the Lord's guiding the doctors that are taking care of him to do the tests that needed to be run and give him the medication that was needed. He had surgery on Monday to check his heart for blockages and was found to have a fifty to sixty percent blockage but did not have to have a stint put will simply be handled with medication therapy. Tuesday he had another surgical procedure to put a port in his neck for dialysis and than the dialysis was begun~ It was an extremely painful procedure...the dialysis was done several times using this port and than this afternoon the port was closed in his neck and put in his chest. This has all been extremely hard on dad's system...extreme pain..not breathing was giving him a great deal of anxiety but he was given medication that not only allowed him to breathe but took away the anxiety attacks. Praise God~ He is an extremely private man who has been married to mom for 42 years and so the lack of privacy as a man has also been an issue...I think he is coming through like a the honorable man that he is~ It has been a testimony to my children the way their papa is walking through this trial in his life. My mom has had many a break-down when she has gotten it is so hard for her to see my father suffer. I continually pray God would give her the strength and grace to get through this season in their lives. My father is a walking and talking miracle and I pray God's blessing be upon him.

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