Sunday, September 27, 2009

Lovely Weekend~

God is so....good~ We had an absolutely lovely weekend! Saturday morning bright and early it was off to the horses...the children were all so happy to be there and the parents could see the joy on their faces. It was a very good day of work and fellowship. We were completely exhausted by days end but it was the good kind. Saturday night Tom, Amanda and Austin went over to dad's to watch the Hurricanes play and than the Gators. Meanwhile, Gabby took a long and unexpected nap while I watched service. ...than shortly after I got a phone call from the munchkin man, my nephew Eddie to say that he had found a kitten. He wanted to know if I had cat food...silly question as I have three cats but I could see where he was headed with this~ I asked him how big was the cat and he answered are so literal..about six inches long.hahaha So than he said you titi(auntie in Spanish) I am allergic to cats..I said I know~ Well, do you think you could watch this one for me until I find it a home?....OK, I am an absolute sucker for animals and children and he knows it! So I was up around the clock last night taking care of this little baby kitten . The kids have named her Pumpkin~ the chances of us getting rid of her are slim to none as hubby has also taken a liking to her! She is a cutie though...I say this as I am typing lets see how I feel when I need to feed her at two in the morning. Amanda and I took her to see grandma who loved her..and it really was therapeutic for her. Animals really do have the ability to aid in the healing process. So we will extended family is having a fit because we already have four animals but we are just the kind of family that loves little creatures~ we are all a bunch of softies. The Lord allows us joy in even the midst of uncertainety and sorrow and for this I am ever so thankful~