Monday, September 7, 2009

His Mercies~

Today as a family we'll spend the day with my parents~ A prayer has been answered because we have reconciled. We have a God who listens too us and answers us ...His timing is always best. My father is home..not doing so well but we are blessed to have him home. His breathing continues to be labored from all the fluid in his body. He will be seeing the doctor on Tuesday and will be discussing beginning blood transfusions. Life is full of the unexpected some good and some not so good but through it all our God gives us the strength to overcome anything with Him by our side. Tom will be leaving tonight after dinner to drive down south to Ft. Lauderdale to spend the night at his mom's house for his interview tomorrow in Miami. I am praying that he will be offered a job. This is his third interview with this company and we are excited by the possibility of him having work. It is all in the Lord's hands we want to be in His will~ We want to be right where He wants us and I am believing that He will provide us with a new home. Went to see grandma last night and she looks very good..her color is so much better and she is speaking better...Praise God! She is too much~ She told me she is praying for Tomas' and that the Lord will give him and job and we will all be together. She wants come back home with us and Tom and I would like that very much. It won't be easy by any means but we both feel she will do so much better around family. We will see what the Lord does~ The kids are loving to her and very patient. I know that this season will pass...God has taken us through so much and His mercies are never ending...When I think where we were and where we are now..He is seeing us through and the provision is constant and amazing..we may not have all we want but we have all that we need and we have enough that we can share with others..and really is that not what we are called to do~ Minister to each other ..Encourage each other and Build each other up.

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KathyB. said...

This is such an encouraging post, and I am thankful to see how God is working in your family. You all have had so many major trials this year, and yet you are not defeated.. God is faithful.Bless you.