Saturday, September 19, 2009

Blue berry pancakes~

Went and spent the evening with grandma after church this evening~ She is doing wonderfully! I just praise God that He is so faithful. He continues to heal her every day ..she continues to improve in her verbal skills and physically she is getting stronger. I have been extremely happy with the vita-hospice care. There nurses have been a wonderful addition to her medical team..she is no longer allowed to be in pain all the time..and I am so grateful for this..the other doctor would just let her suffer with the aches and pains from her previous strokes. I will be taking her on Tuesday with Tom and the kids to her sisters memorial. I don't believe that she knows but I told her we would be going out and that afterward we would go to IHOP~ grandma loves pancakes and hasn't wanted to eat since the stroke in July..well, all she could talk about the rest of the night was blue berry pancakes! And then she offered everyone else pancakes..she gave me such a chuckle. So tomorrow I will be making blue berry pancakes and taking them to her..I hope she will eat them and enjoy as they are her favorites and it is a tradition from when I was little and we would spend the night. I have such wonderful memories that grandma helped create. I am blessed to have her~