Sunday, May 13, 2012

Quite the week~

It's been quite the week~I had an altercation at work with a fellow was really surreal.  Thankfully I had an interview that afternoon at a preschool...and I got the job!  So happy that the Lord in his mercy took me out of this situation.  I am working on my licensing and once I have it they would like to offer me another job at the school~which won't be disclosed until than.  So I will be studying and working quite hard to get it done.  Amanda starts school in two weeks and Gabby will be babysitting this summer for her cousins several days during the week.  Austin is going to be taking it easy and trying to get healthy.  Tom is working hard and trying to get business.  So things here at home are busy.  I will be officially starting my new job at the end of the week and than Amanda and I will be visiting a friend this weekend.  I am really looking forward to getting away into new surrounding for a bit.  Time to refresh and recharge.  I continue to press on~trying to let the Lord guide and direct me and believing that He will put me right where he wants me.  This has been a long season of many ups and downs but God has and continues to take our family through it all and for that I am thankful.