Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Have you ever felt as if you were in the wilderness?  I suppose this is why I love Psalms so much~  because David also felt very much alone at times.  It has been a difficult several weeks~  we sit and wait to see where we will be in a month.  I pray and pray and pray some more and sit still in the silence unable to sleep.  I have really missed grandma~  wanting to talk with her because she always listened and prayed and this brought  me a great deal of comfort.  Thanksgiving was a wonderful time.  We went to my cousins during the day and my parents in the evening.  It was a stress-free time and it was a great day of fellowship.  I know without a doubt that my Lord hears me~  I just so need Him to answer my cries.  The kids are not sleeping....Tom and I are not sleeping...we are in a holding pattern and I think this is the hardest part for all of us..the not knowing what is around the corner.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Be Still~

"Be still and know that I am God"~ tonight as I am laying here with bronchitis this has been going through my head.  I have a lot of questions lately....but I know when I go through these struggles of faith; I simply start praying...crying out to my Lord.  When I see no way out I know that He has a way~ that He will come through and provide a means of relief for our family.  Tomorrow I go for an interview at a preschool...very excited as I love working with little ones~  I continue to work at church but the hours I need are simply not there..so I will continue to look and apply for work.  Tom continues his search and continues to paint.  He spoke with the unemployment office the other day and it will be five to six weeks before he receives a check so I am asking the Lord for a miracle of provision.  I need to start packing again as I had stopped with all that has gone on......I suppose I need to pack and trust in faith that God has a home for our family.  Faith is quite a journey.  There are some days I must be honest when I wake and I say...I want my life back.  My comfortable life~ where I did not have these day to day worries of provision for our family....I have asked the Lord why?  and when I get an answer I promise I will share it~ but for now I rise each morning and simply pray for a host of many things and plead for my children and husband ....for strength and peace for this point in our lives~