Friday, February 10, 2012

Caught the cold~

Well~it was just a matter of time until I caught Tom's and Austie's nice of them to share. :)  So it was quite the day at work because I had run out of cold medicine and took an allergy pill instead...I felt like I was sleepwalking all day but I got through even with a meeting tonight.  The job continues to go well and everyone is very nice but I do indeed need to work full-time...I just keep praying and waiting on the Lord as I know His timing is not mine.  Tomorrow morning I have a phone interview for a personal banking position and it is right around the corner from the house~so we will see what happens.  I spent the weekend revamping my resume and it may just pay off.  So I have put it in the Lord's hands because I have learned it has to be His will.  I just continue to apply and network~something is bound to happen.  This past weekend was wonderful at church as we had Hillsong with Darlene leading worship all weekend.  It was really a beautiful time. The girls and I were so blessed and refreshed.  I am looking into going back to is both exciting and terrifying all at  once.  The kids are very supportive. They think its great that not only are they studying but mom and dad are joining them.  I have been thinking of dad a great deal lately~wondering what his advice to us would be....than I remind myself that I do indeed know what he would say and it is just missing his voice his presence in our lives.  So many many changes but what gets me through is staying in prayer and the word; it's not easy and somedays are harder than others but I get up each morning and start my day and put Him in charge....He has not let me down yet~daily..moment by moment...He gives me the strength needed.