Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas times~

Wow~ Christmas has come and gone....Tom the kids and I spent Christmas Eve at church. It was a wonderful service...just love Christmas Eve traditions. Amanda sung in the choir as she has done for the past two is wonderful to watch her development her faith and devotion to the Lord. I just love this time of year as each week we celebrated and lit an advent candle at church and then the candle-light service. We went to see our family at dad's and mom's for a bit and than back home to continue our families traditions. Tom and the kids went to look at lights as they have every year since the we have had children~ and than they come home and we read Luke and a blessing of Psalm 20. And than the children open their stockings and than their gifts. I surprised Tom and the kids with a Wi and they have really been enjoying it together. I was up baking until four-thirty for the nursing home...but! got it all done. They have taken such good care of grandma I want them to know it is appreciated....because they just don't take care of her but you can see that they really care for her...and for that I am blessed~ I baked cookies and pumpkin bread and muffins and put it on trays with candies...I had baked on Christmas Eve also but there are two different sixteen hour shifts so I wanted to make sure to cover both. I saw grandma both days..knowing that her time of being able to travel out longer is feasible. It is too uncomfortable for her and I don't want to cause her any undue stress. She was so happy when we opened her stocking and her Christmas gifts have yet to be opened because of her being too tired and over-excited but they will keep for later this week. Everyone had been to see her with the exception of my parents..which makes me very sad for grandma although I am sure that she can't remember that they haven't been to see her in over eight months~ But..only so much I know that I can do and I can't allow myself to get too stressed either because I have her and the children to take care of~ We spent the day with my parents as Tom and I believe it is important that the children have as much time as possible with my dad as it is easy to see the Lord may be calling him home soon. Yesterday we had a lovely time with Chris and the children opening gifts and having a Chinese feast! I was just too tired and could not is just too short to worry and so we ordered out and it was an absolute blessing. Today is finally a day to just rest...nothing to get done but to spend some quiet time with our family. I know that I will be paying a price for all the running around but I am so grateful that the Lord allowed me to get everything done I wanted and needed to do~ It has been a lovely month...The Lord has blessed us with a job for Tom and the children with good family times and God has given me the stamina to make it through and for all these many things...I can only praise him~

Monday, December 21, 2009

Ups and Downs

It has been a week with many ups and downs... The girls and I spent all night on Thursday baking cookies at my mom's house...flour everywhere but some very good cookies and the girls had a lot of fun and so did mom. Tom started his new job and it went amazingly well. He thinks that they may be training him to manage a center for the environmental lab. Austie has begun to sleep at normal times. Praise God! Such an answer to took his daddy getting a job for him to start to feel secure again. So understandable as Tom used to work ten to fifteen hour the loss of work really rocked the kids world. It has been a rough week for me with pain levels. It seems that Lupus is rearing it's ugly head again and I am beginning to have some complications. I haven't been in this much pain since June when I was in the hospital. I am praying that I would be pain free for the rest of the week with Christmas right around the well as hoping to see grandma. I know she is being taken care of but she needs company and unfortunately everyone is so wrapped up in their own lives she doesn't get too many visitors...and then the excuse I hear is that it is too heartbreaking to visit her~ so I am praying for strength for the days ahead. Tom's mom has been giving our family quite a bit of grief unfortunate. She can be quite mean and she says it's all in the name of Jesus....I don't understand because although I can disagree with my parents on different issues they are never mean. We were to have dinner with her this weekend and the children refused to go...we decided to support our children...she had said some very unkind words to them and than justified it because she believes it was said with love....I don't understand~ Today at church we were reminded to choose our words carefully and to encourage each other. Really is this not what we as Christians are commanded to do? I always try to remind the kids of this because kids can be tough on each other..especially siblings~ The fruits of the spirit...two of them are gentleness and kindness..I love my children and I don't understand how she can be like this but I have encouraged the kids to not allow themselves to dwell on what has's no good to let things fester we need to release our hurts to the Lord. I am hoping that they will do that~

"Words of affirmation enhance relationships. Harsh, condemning words destroy relationships."
Gary Chapman

Eph. 4:29
Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Provision for the Journey~

Well~ I know I have been missing as of much has been going on~ My Austin celebrated his 15th birthday December the Pearl Harbor day boy! As he is so very politically active...the Lord knew what he was doing when he gave him that birthday. He is becoming such a wonderful young man~ I am so blessed to have him ...each and everyday he keeps me such wonderful company and the conversations we have~ I know it is a result of a great deal of prayer and not to mention that I am blessed to be able to homeschool the children. They have such a different perspective than most of their peers~ It had gotten quite stressful here as I have had one flare after the other and not been able to keep the high pace that I had been keeping..which has been quite depressing for me. I feel as if I am letting grandma down as I have only been able to visit once or twice a week these past two weeks due to feeling so ill~ and than of course my dad has been going through a great deal. He had surgery on the main artery of his right arm last week for the dialysis. It will take several weeks for it to heal. I continually pray for strength for him and my mom. My mom especially has been suffering to see dad go through this ordeal. I know that I must continually stay in the Word because it is during the times when I miss reading that I began to feel weary. So onward! I received an email about a dear friend and a major encourager Chris Klicka today...Chris lost his battle with MS in October and his dear wife and seven children must get through the holidays without their dear father and Tracey without her dear husband. Never did anyone hear Chris complain ...not when he was suffering immense pain...not when he would fall down....never! He always was the first to talk about God's goodness and grace~ As I was remembering Chris yesterday and today I thought what right do I have to complain. God is gracious meeting me daily where I need Him. I may not have riches or even "perfect" health but He knew me before I was even a thought to my earthly He will give me the grace when I need it and will see me through each moment that I cry out to Him...and that I tell everyone is a great deal! I am praying that the Lord would begin to prepare a new home for our family as I believe the time is drawing near when we will have to move out~ We had a photographer from the bank show up yesterday to take pictures...I believe that the Lord will is not as if I am attached to the home..after the hurricanes of 2005 our home has had mold ever since which I know is not good for anyones health so I am ready to move on...just praying for the Lord's provision. My hubby is enjoying his new job. We are praying that it will turn into a full-time position. Once again the Lord's provision is right on time when we need it. The company has provided a work vehicle and a gas card and a GPS and I believe also a phone! Wow~ He will be looking for a night job as we will see what happens. I know the Lord commands us to not look to yesterday or tomorrow and I understand like never before the why behind it~

2 Chronicles 20:20
Believe in the Lord God and stand firm.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It's official~

Christmas has arrived..not in my home yet with the exception of the kids listening to Christmas music non-stop. Never made it out of the house is Wednesday and I am recovering from my Tuesday night meds. So as grandma would say..tomorrow is another day. I am hoping to surprise the kids with a Christmas tree after I go to the doctor tomorrow. Tom had to go over to dad's today when he got out of dialysis because he was too weak to get out of the car and inside~ he had to place dad into his electric wheelchair and into the house. The girls and I worked on schoolwork but for the most part Wednesday is the day the kids and Tom just let me rest for which I am so thankful for because I am exhausted. I am hoping that seeing these new doctors will give me a new perspective on my disease. Perhaps, some new treatments there hasn't been one in fifty years and I so want my life back! I have to remind myself though I am not where I was five years ago....I couldn't get up off the I am thankful! The kids and Tom have a big day planned for Saturday as the Gators are playing for the championship..there will be a lot of hooting and hollering. Mandy had practice tonight at church the choir is getting ready for Christmas. I can't believe that we are just several weeks out..where did the year go? I hope and pray that the New Year brings much joy and blessings not only for our family but so many that are struggling as well with job losses, illness, family issues~ I pray that this very Christmas season there would be a really spiritual awakening...this country so needs to turn back to the Lord.


Gabby and I had a lovely day today. I was able to take her to her horseback riding lesson and finally meet her teacher and see her ride. She did really well~ she is just too hard on herself...wanting to be perfect after only four lessons. I treated her to Mickey D's on the way and than we went to the mall after her lesson for a was so important for us to spend some alone time together. We went baby shopping for my little brother's soon to be born daughter..found her the cutest little shirt that says "my daddy rocks"~ my brother is going to get such a kick out of it! Wasn't able to see grandma today because I had to go over and check on my dad. He checked himself out of the hospital last night after having an awful experience with a doctor but the kids really cheered him up tonight. Amanda made a wonderful spaghetti sauce tonight in the crock pot. We were able to bring it to my parents for dinner. Tomorrow Lord-willing we will be looking for a Christmas tree...ours finally gave out last year. Grandma's room looks very festive. I put up her tree and tomorrow I will bring her the star to put on top. She has her Nativity set and her Christmas bears..and her Poinsettia. We have our local station that is playing Christmas music twenty-four hours a day~ She is loving it! and is singing along....My Austin will be turning fifteen next week on Pearl Harbor goodness where does the time go?! I look at him and wonder...he is becoming quite the young "little man"...that was always his as tall as I am and with a voice deeper than his dad's~ wow...December is very busy in our home..with Austie's b-day and than mine and Tom's and than Christmas..busy, busy, busy. Not to mention that the baby will be here sometime in January or sooner..because you never know the timing of a baby. Joy~ Through good times and difficult times God allows us joy in little and big ways and I am so thankful for these gifts the Father gives us.