Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Provision for the Journey~

Well~ I know I have been missing as of much has been going on~ My Austin celebrated his 15th birthday December the Pearl Harbor day boy! As he is so very politically active...the Lord knew what he was doing when he gave him that birthday. He is becoming such a wonderful young man~ I am so blessed to have him ...each and everyday he keeps me such wonderful company and the conversations we have~ I know it is a result of a great deal of prayer and not to mention that I am blessed to be able to homeschool the children. They have such a different perspective than most of their peers~ It had gotten quite stressful here as I have had one flare after the other and not been able to keep the high pace that I had been keeping..which has been quite depressing for me. I feel as if I am letting grandma down as I have only been able to visit once or twice a week these past two weeks due to feeling so ill~ and than of course my dad has been going through a great deal. He had surgery on the main artery of his right arm last week for the dialysis. It will take several weeks for it to heal. I continually pray for strength for him and my mom. My mom especially has been suffering to see dad go through this ordeal. I know that I must continually stay in the Word because it is during the times when I miss reading that I began to feel weary. So onward! I received an email about a dear friend and a major encourager Chris Klicka today...Chris lost his battle with MS in October and his dear wife and seven children must get through the holidays without their dear father and Tracey without her dear husband. Never did anyone hear Chris complain ...not when he was suffering immense pain...not when he would fall down....never! He always was the first to talk about God's goodness and grace~ As I was remembering Chris yesterday and today I thought what right do I have to complain. God is gracious meeting me daily where I need Him. I may not have riches or even "perfect" health but He knew me before I was even a thought to my earthly He will give me the grace when I need it and will see me through each moment that I cry out to Him...and that I tell everyone is a great deal! I am praying that the Lord would begin to prepare a new home for our family as I believe the time is drawing near when we will have to move out~ We had a photographer from the bank show up yesterday to take pictures...I believe that the Lord will is not as if I am attached to the home..after the hurricanes of 2005 our home has had mold ever since which I know is not good for anyones health so I am ready to move on...just praying for the Lord's provision. My hubby is enjoying his new job. We are praying that it will turn into a full-time position. Once again the Lord's provision is right on time when we need it. The company has provided a work vehicle and a gas card and a GPS and I believe also a phone! Wow~ He will be looking for a night job as we will see what happens. I know the Lord commands us to not look to yesterday or tomorrow and I understand like never before the why behind it~

2 Chronicles 20:20
Believe in the Lord God and stand firm.


KathyB. said...

What an encouraging update. Encouraging because you are really reflecting an attitude of thankfulness and trust in God in spite of the current circumstances.

I am happy to read your husband's job situation is improved, and aren't our children a blessing? Especially when they seek good and Godly ways.

Dolores said...

Dear Vikki,
I always feel inspired after reading your blog. You have so much faith and strength and you pass it on to me.

A house with mold is not a good thing, and especially for you! It sounds like it's time to move.

I know you love your grandmother so much and feel bad about not seeing her as often, but the ONE good thing about Alzheimer's is that she doesn't realize the length of time between visits. You must take care of yourself.....

Please know that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers!!