Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Gabby and I had a lovely day today. I was able to take her to her horseback riding lesson and finally meet her teacher and see her ride. She did really well~ she is just too hard on herself...wanting to be perfect after only four lessons. I treated her to Mickey D's on the way and than we went to the mall after her lesson for a was so important for us to spend some alone time together. We went baby shopping for my little brother's soon to be born daughter..found her the cutest little shirt that says "my daddy rocks"~ my brother is going to get such a kick out of it! Wasn't able to see grandma today because I had to go over and check on my dad. He checked himself out of the hospital last night after having an awful experience with a doctor but the kids really cheered him up tonight. Amanda made a wonderful spaghetti sauce tonight in the crock pot. We were able to bring it to my parents for dinner. Tomorrow Lord-willing we will be looking for a Christmas tree...ours finally gave out last year. Grandma's room looks very festive. I put up her tree and tomorrow I will bring her the star to put on top. She has her Nativity set and her Christmas bears..and her Poinsettia. We have our local station that is playing Christmas music twenty-four hours a day~ She is loving it! and is singing along....My Austin will be turning fifteen next week on Pearl Harbor goodness where does the time go?! I look at him and wonder...he is becoming quite the young "little man"...that was always his as tall as I am and with a voice deeper than his dad's~ wow...December is very busy in our home..with Austie's b-day and than mine and Tom's and than Christmas..busy, busy, busy. Not to mention that the baby will be here sometime in January or sooner..because you never know the timing of a baby. Joy~ Through good times and difficult times God allows us joy in little and big ways and I am so thankful for these gifts the Father gives us.

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Dolores said...

Ahhh, you're making wonderful memories with your daughter; hang on and enjoy these wonderful times you can see, they grow up way too fast.

It sounds like you all are having wonderful family time with all your family....

God bless!