Monday, November 30, 2009

Too much~

The kids had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my father~ I dropped them off in the morning and they spent the day cooking with my mom and watching the parade with my dad. Grandma was unable to come..after getting her ready she started to cry and said she could not come out...she would not leave. So I settled her down and tucked her in and put her to bed. It was extremely hard and by the time I got to my parents; I was spent. Friday I got up extremely early and hit the stores with Chris to do some Christmas shopping. Wow~ I got some very good much better than last year at this time when I couldn't go Christmas shopping early. So I really count myself blessed and our family truly blessed when I think of where we were last year at this time. Tom...thank God! has gotten a part-time job that will start Lord-willing after the 15th. I am so happy! My dad is back in the hospital after falling and breaking his leg and possibly both ankles. I continue to lift him up in prayer. This has been a very difficult road for him and my mother. Meanwhile I tried to take grandma to the doctor with Tom on Friday but she would not go~ I think I need to take a step back when it comes to worrying about grandma's health...I don't mean this in a disattached way but that I need to really place her in the Lord's hands. She doesn't want to keep these appointments and I am causing myself a great deal of stress by trying to force no more. I will stay on top of everything but I need to accept that there may be nothing that I can do but love her in her present state. God will give me the grace to get through..He always does~

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Dolores said...

Oh, congratulations on Tom's part-time job!

So sorry to read about your dad's broken bones. I'll pray for his healing.

Vikki, I think you've made a very wise and loving decision on how you handle the situation with your Grandma. Having her stressed or unhappy is certainly not going to help or change her diagnosis.
David was so stressed last year when I insisted he go the eye doctor for an exam......afterward, I decided no more of this.

Your faith and love always inspires me.