Monday, November 9, 2009


Today has been quite the busy day with lots still to do~ the kids have told me that there is Nothing in the house to eat! Don't you love it when they say this?! I have a cupboard full of things that simply don't appeal to them because it requires some cooking....but they have a off to the grocery store I will go this afternoon..along with laundry and visiting grandma and cooking dinner...and did I mention I took my closet and drawers apart today? I don't know what got into me.....hahaha I guess I just could not take it anymore~ Tom had an email from Minnesota about a job interview for tomorrow and no sooner did he get this email than he got another cancelling but God is in control...and it is extremely cold there! He is waiting to hear back from the job interview from last week...and I believe they are speaking on the phone as I type...the kids are all doing their schoolwork but it is definitely a Monday and they are having a hard time getting into the swing of things. My brother is calling me and even said I could see the munchkins this week while he had them....go figure. I am a little leery given all he has been into but I am the older sister and the Christian so I will proceed with caution but I know I need to show him the love of Christ...after all I have been praying for an opportunity to minister to him for two years. This week will be a crazy one with having to go to a board meeting on Thursday and not returning home until Sunday. I will have family members checking in on grandma. I am hoping that she will be fine without seeing me for that many days. Last night I read to her and prayed with her but she is still not where she was~ It is so hard at times to sit there and not have her be able to converse as she once did...I really miss her. It is extremely hard for me to accept that this may be something that continues something that will not go away...that the person she was is lost to me forever...I know that all I can do is continue to trust the Lord. Continue to place her daily in His every other aspect of my life I need to remember to turn it over to Him.


A Gracious Home said...

I know that God will be in whatever you do. We went through that with my husbands Mama for four years. It hurts the family so much to see someone like that. My heart goes out to you. I hope you have a good trip to your brother's and that God will help him see something in you that he needs. Doylene

KathyB. said...

Yes, Minnesota is cold, very cold! I hope this time goes well with your brother, and that your husband is finally able to get God's time, but sometimes our time makes loud demands...and we KNOW God knows what is needed, and He will provide. But please Lord, soon!

Dolores said...

I do the same thing about food in the cupboard, and me saying there's nothing to eat.....nothing that I want to eat.

Mennesota is too cold! I pray for you and your family each day, and God's timing in your life.

I hope the visit with your brother goes well, and he will see Christ in you.

Vikki, you are such a wonderful grandaughter!
Thoughts, prayers and love to you.