Sunday, November 22, 2009

Busy Busy Busy~

My goodness have we been busy as of late~ ok...we have been busier than usual. The girls and I left for Melbourne for a meeting I had on went well and the girls were able to earn a little spending money as well~ Thursday night I took a tumble trying to save a friends dog from running out into the street. It looked as if I was flying the way I tripped and fell...gave my friend a heart-attack. I had to take gravel out of my hands~ Ouch! I am on the mend. Friday I found out Glen Beck was coming to town and the girls and I went and waited along with a thousand others to see him and have him sign a book for Austin's birthday. We got number 683...yes that's right! Since I can't be in the heat and sun...yes I know funny that the Lord has me in South Florida~ I went to sit inside...this was not allowed without management approval...anyhow, a gentleman asked me what number I was...told him and he was nice enough to give his extra number of 473...much better. Glen was great~ We mentioned to him that we home school and he went crazy...his family homeschools~ He had us meet with his producer and he is going to be getting in touch because they are planning on doing a show on homeschooling! The kids were beyond themselves with excitement. So we had a very busy two days. Saturday I spent the day with my ankle and knee up and Amanda and I watched the service online while Tom, Gabby and Austin went to church. Today Chris made a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner for all of us...she will not have the children for Thanksgiving on Thursday. Divorce is tragic...everyone suffers...Chris will be spending Thanksgiving alone because we will be visiting my parents. Grandma did really well with my being away overnight~ this is such a blessing because I need to be able to get away once and a while to simply distress. Just overnight was wonderful! I spent the evening with her tonight and her color was good...she ate today which is wonderful because I really would love to get the feeding tube out. We are going to be coloring her hair this week and doing her nails for Thanksgiving. She is going blond again! I am so happy that she wants to do this~ she hasn't wanted to have her hair done in a very long time. She was very lucid tonight and we had a really great conversation. I am praying that the family is sensitive to her on Thanksgiving and makes allowances if it is not one of her good days. I will be praying.


Debbie said...

Glad to see you all up and about and having so much fun. No more flying tackles on dogs please! I like Glen Beck. Sorry about your sister-in-law. Similar stories all around. My own parents divorced when I was small; my dad just never came around much, so I didn't have to worry about where I'd spend the holidays. Have a great Thanksgiving.
Blessings, Debbie

Dolores said...

You're a good person for sure, for saving your friend's dog. Sorry about your tumble, but glad you didn't break anything.

I loved reading about your grandma, and that she did well while you were away. You need those 'refreshers'....
It's great that she's wanting to go blonde and get her nails polished.

I hope and pray you and your family have a blessed Thanksgiving!!!