Monday, November 2, 2009

Long Week~

It has been a long week..filled with visits good and bad and through it all God has been merciful enough to give me the strength to see me through~ My week started off with taking grandma to the doctor with Tom to only find that she was very sick. I found her in a deep sweat and her pulse racing extremely sick to her stomach and with extreme vertigo. So needless to say she did not make her eye appointment and I sat with her through the afternoon to make sure she was ok~ We gave her two day to recuperate and went finally on Wednesday to the doctor this time they placed her in the van from the facility so that she could stay in her wheelchair....well, they put her in facing the wrong way and once again she suffered vertigo and ended up sick...very sick but we kept the appointment since we were there already...the doctor cannot figure out what is causing her eye pain but prescribed some medicine anyway~ so we are really in no way closer to helping is frustrating because I don't like to see her in such pain. We have been trying to spend a great deal of time with my parents as my father's still no in top shape..but he continues with the dialysis treatments and is really a testimony to everyone around him. We have had several cookouts and I have been cooking up a storm for is really something that I enjoy~ and something everyone around seems to enjoy so if I can do this little thing to ease some of the stress around us through good family time and dinners....Tom continues to apply across the country for jobs...near and far. I am hoping that the Lord would give him favor with one of these companies so that he can find work. Men need to work and I need him to work...he is beginning to feel as if he is useless and this is not good for a man....the kids have had their highs and lows as of late and of course being teenagers this is to be expected but the added stress certainly does not help. We celebrated our anniversary last week and it is much has happened this last year...God has seen of through a great deal and continues to meet our needs....I am just praying for some down time from the pressures and stress. We so need it...We both feel that we need a fresh start and this is what we have been praying for~ It will be a year in January that Tom has been unemployed we are praying as it approaches that he has a new job and that we are settled.

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Dolores said...

Hi Vikki,
Thank you so much for your sweet comments on my blog. Please know that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.
I'm praying for a job for your husband...... the right job at the right time..... and hopefully soon!

God is good !!!

Love and Hugs to you!