Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Horses~

Tomorrow is Saturday and it will be our first day the horses the children. Our family had a wonderful and memorable time last year volunteering with special needs children. They all have different issues and needs but one thing for sure these children are special~ Not in the way most people would think but in every way imaginable. They are some of the most loving children and adults you will ever meet. I have one young lady that comes to mind..that is always asking I am could she pray for me and would I like her to right now~ Not thinking of herself ...but of me and my family! These children have brought me such joy to see them progress..speak..laugh and smile. These are things that we all take for granted but they are a milestone for these children. If only for an afternoon you can see the parents stress slip away from their faces as they know they are somewhere their children will be respected and loved and understood. So tomorrow begins our horse season again..a time where we as a family can give a little back for every blessing God has bestowed upon us but I can't help but think we are the ones that are truly blessed by getting to know these wonderful and loving kids~