Thursday, September 3, 2009

It Continues~

Well, the medical care here in South Florida is questionable at best at times~ My mom called quite upset to say that they released my dad from the hospital. There was a dispute between the primary who was on call and the doctor at the he was sent home with all the issues he went to the hospital with~ My mom had them note that there was dispute between the physicians and if she needs to she said she would call the paramedics. I continue to pray trusting the Lord~

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KathyB. said...

How is your father now? How is your mother? I seem to hear so many similar tales of people having to fight with the very people who are supposed to be helping them heal.....It is good to know God is in control....sometimes it does not seem to ease the worry or pain, but we know He does keep His promises, and still works miracles.