Monday, September 21, 2009

The Munchkins~

Tonight is Monday~ So that can only mean one thing...the munchkins! I watch my nephew..Eddie, age 9..Emily, age 7 and Haley, age 5 soon to be 6. They are my brothers children...he left them and their mother two years ago...but that is a story for another time. Tonight was all about spending time with them. The kids swam and watched cartoons and they talked and laughed up a storm. Little ones are so good for a soul~ They have the ability to give an adult...a different perspective. It brings me such joy to be silly with just step back with them to no sorrow just happiness...whether we are creating with play dough..or coloring or just reading together~ I brought them to see grandma tonight..she was so overcome with happiness that she cried~ They were absolute sweethearts too her...the girls sat on her bed with her and massaged her hands and arms with moisturizer and gave her so many hugs and kisses. They talked her ear off~ She had a wonderful time with them. Children ...especially little children are tonic to our souls~