Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Dad is home!  Mom is worried that it is too soon as he still has mrsa...but I believe he has a better chance of healing at home.  Less germs more interaction with those he loves and those who love him.  He now has a black nail so I continue to pray about that also~  dad though is a trooper.  Having been through so much and yet he is still cheerful and joyful especially when around his precious grandchildren.  I pray each day blessings of strength upon him and my mom...especially since they are both physically tired at this point.  I think that given all that has happened they are doing incredibly good and I can only attribute that to the Lord.  Tom was let go on Saturday from his job for poor sales...he is holding up though~  I got an email last night from church about working a couple of days in the childrens ministry.  I will be working basically the same schedule as Amanda so now instead of dropping her off I will be staying and working.  Once again the Lord is providing.  We are going to start looking at homes tomorrow.  Tom's mom and my parents are helping us to move...God's provision again~  Thank you Lord!


Dolores said...

Sad to say hospitals are full of germs. You're right, your dad is probably safer at home, than in the hospital. I can sure understand how your mom must feel though..... the work and responsibility is now on her back.

Yea, for the offer of a job for you.

You and your family are in my daily thoughts and prayers....

Nana's Nuggets said...

Good Morning Vikki! So Thankful your Dad is home, yes the comfort of home is precious! I am sorry to hear about Hubby's job! God is still in control, and you know that I will be praying for you and your family! happy to hear about your job tho! Thank You Jesus! I too have an interview today at 1:00 for a 2 day a week job! Please pray that this is God's will for me. I Love you Girl, and with God with us~ we will make it! Blessings!