Friday, October 1, 2010

God's Provision

God's provision is amazing!  He never ceases to provide for me...a good friend has invited me to speak at an online conference.  There are just several things that I must do....make a blog...check...that is in my comfort zone...speak to people..check...comfort zone once again....write an e-book...stretching...power point...stretch some more~  But!  as the Lord provides some more a dear friend is today taking a class in how to write an afternoon ; no less!  Power point...I am taking a tutorial.  God is always stretching me and growing me in so many ways....three teens come to mind!  So ladies please if you know anyone who homeschools or who would like to be encouraged as the conference is on Keeping Christ in the Holidays...come on over and listen...and if you are interested in hearing me ramble some more come on over to my new blog too!   

On another note:  Please continue to pray for my dad..he now has Mersa in the leg he had amputated.  I know God can do all things~  You ladies are faithful prayer warriors!  And you know we walked this past last year with him as well but now it is a matter of losing his leg completely. Prayer for strength for both mom and dad....sometimes mom gets forgotten in all of this and it is difficult being a caregiver.  I pray God's blessing be upon each and everyone of your households!

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Dolores said...

Yes, God is amazing..... and You are amazing!

You have soooooo much .... and yet.... you're always so positive and grateful...
I wish I could give you a great big hug!!!