Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday afternoon~

God is my source of comfort and strength~  I find myself today contemplating this....Life is very hard and I do not know how I would get through it without my Lord.  The past couple of days have been long and hard but with Gods grace I continue to get through and for this  I am extremely grateful and very blessed.  When I think I cannot go on due to mental and physical exhaustion the Lord continues to sustain me.  Mandy is going with friends to church tonight and Gab and I are going to walk around together and go window shopping.  Tom is off to pick Mandy up at church and will be stopping by my parents....Lord willing I am hoping that dad will be able to get through to him and help him out of the depression that he is experiencing.  Our God is so good~  He continues to help me walk through this journey ; whether I am in the valley or on the mountain top.  Thank you Lord for your continued faithfulness.

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Dolores said...

So much happening in your lives. I'm praying for mountain tops for you and your family!
Hug, love and prayers,