Tuesday, November 22, 2011


In the presence of hope, faith is born.  In the presence of faith, love becomes a possibility.  In the presence of love, miracles happen. ~Robert Schuller

I start work on Monday! What an answer to prayer!! I have been running around this week between Titi Sylvia's radiation appointments getting all the paperwork done.  Wow~ very excited.  Gabby started singing this past weekend in the praise and worship band..she loved it!  I am so happy for her~ just what she needed.  Now I continue to pray for that the Lord would bring Austin some godly friends that will be an encouragement to him.  He is having a struggle wondering what the Lord is doing in our lives.  Titi Eva's passing was the icing on the cake for him and I am watching my son; who always had such a love for God and his word...start to drift.  He has shared with me that he is struggling to understand where God is in all of the losses....and I continue to watch Tom struggle as well.  My constant prayer is that the Lord would show himself faithful because we are weary....and although I keep walking it is a sometimes a day to day struggle~ so I can understand how and why Austie has so many questions.  I just encourage them on a daily basis that God has not forgotten them and he does indeed have a plan for our lives.  I am praying for that miracle that I know God has for us.

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Angela Marie Lambert said...

I pray with you and believe that while both Tom and Austin feel like the gates of Heaven are brass at this time, that it is instead a precious time for them both. A glorious time of preparation in the spirit that they will one day look back upon and say "aha, I now know how much I needed this time with the Lord!"