Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve

Well, here we are on New Year's Eve....What will this year hold for our family? Many changes ahead that I know of....We will be moving sometime in the Spring~ Tom will have a new job of some sort...I may be working...The kids will be starting new activities in church and Lord willing Chris and the children will be a new home and will be starting a new beginning....So many changes~ I know that the Lord will get us through each of these new changes just as He has gotten us through this last year. We need to just look to Him instead of looking at our circumstances whatever they may be~ I remember a song that I used to sing in church as a child...

I believe in Jesus and His word just as sure as I am singing this song and I know that He holds the future in His hand so why should I worry or fret....I know He holds the future..I know He holds my hand...I know just as sure as I am singing this song that I am part of His almighty plan! So why should I worry or fret~

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