Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sunday Supper

What a great time we had tonight with the our kids, Chris and the munchkins~ Sunday Supper. I had a special request from Eddie for Pork, rice and beans with bananas on the side...How could I deny it! Gabby and I set out earlier in the day so that she could spend her Build a Bear card and get her moose before they were all gone. We got there just in time before all the crowds...She was able to get her moose and named him Stew! We then got out of the mall quickly because honestly...What did I lose there? Off we went to Super Walmart to gas up the car and get what we needed for the week and dinner. And for all of two dollars...we were able to have a treat and stop by Sonic for "happy hour"...and get my favorite lemon-berry fruit slush and two corn-dogs! It was great~Just what we needed after all the running around. It is really important for her and I to spend sometime alone~ Next up Austie and I need to get some mom and son time. Well, dinner was a easy to make and everyone enjoyed it...and we have left-overs! The kids watched cartoons with Tom and we had cookies for them all for dessert. They even had time to play outside..and the breeze was great! It is too hot for everyone in the house but I will not give in ....we need to save money big time and we won't on a four hundred dollar electric bill! Anyhow, off to bed~


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Barbara said...

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