Monday, February 22, 2010

Different Seasons~

There have been many different seasons during my Christian walk...there have been times where God has been silent on many issues and I am left to wonder~ Thinking so many different you there Lord? What is it your trying teach me? and the silence can be deafening. Now is such a time~ God's provision has always been there...we have been blessed to not go without...but there has been much loss as well. So I have been away a while really contemplating...endlessly. It is a season where my husband is struggling...a man's identity is wrapped in how he can provide and Tom was a very good provider....we always had more than enough to share with others....he so enjoyed blessing others and now not being able to provide in the manner he would want has him questioning many things in his life. I am in prayer for many things....for our family, for my father mother~ this season is not comfortable...not pleasant but I will Praise God for the things we do have ....for the Lord's strength that is my very breathe~ I know that I can do nothing without the get up each morning could be a struggle if I allowed myself to wallow but wallowing is not an option..the only option is total reliance upon the Lord.


Dolores said...

You and your family have been so heavy on my mind. Just before I looked on my blog and saw that you had posted an entry on yours, I had ask how you were on Face Book.

I'm glad that you posted, but I'm so sorry that you're still going through a winter storm. Just remember that after the storm there is a rainbow....God's promise. It's not fun to have your faith tested like this, but please do know that God will never give you more than you can handle, and there's a lesson in all of this. I pray for you each day, and I pray that the rainbow is right around this cloud.

KathyB. said...

I am sorry to read of this time for you, and this reminds me of the 2 years of wondering and voicing the very things you just did. Throughout those times, times I truly desired to be away from this earth, God sustained me. He surrounded me with friends and family and the blogging community~He answered prayers and in a way as to give me the knowledge HE IS in control.

This did not make a lot of things easier except it is a comfort to know and trust anyway.I can already see in reflecting on your previous posts at how God has provided and cared for you all along. May you and your husband actually FEEL this in your hearts in the midst. Bless you.