Friday, September 17, 2010

Early morning thoughts~

I haven't posted as late as I really have been trying to recuperate from the past couple of months...trying to process all that has happened~  well...still in that mode..and still finding it very hard to be without my beloved grandma.  I still forget sometimes that she is now with the Lord~  We had her memorial last Thursday and it was a beautiful, bitter-sweet time of memories...there was not many dry eyes but what came through more than anything was my grandmother's love for the Lord....what an inheritance for our family and what a testimony.  We'll be moving in a few short weeks and I look forward to it with anticipation and yet it is a closing of a chapter in our lives~  what this next season will bring I do not know but I believe that with Gods continued grace we will get through it~  My dad will be having surgery again on Tuesday he has been having extreme pain in his arm that has the fistula for dialysis and they need to go into the arm again and main artery to fix it. His amputation is not healing and we are praying for a miracle that way they do not need to amputate anymore of it.  The kids are processing all of these things and I just continue to point to the Lord for our source of strength~  I am so far from the woman that I long to be in the Lord but all I can do to press on and continue to pray and read and live....


Nana's Nuggets said...

Hi! Vikki, Oh! girlfriend the Lord so Has You in the Palm Of His Hand!He is carrying you, when you don't even relize it! Just keep believing and Tusting when you don't feel like it. God tells us "do not faint", keep on Trusting me. I am Praying for you and your family. May the God of Peace Rule in your Heart today. Have a happy wk-end:)

Dolores said...

Vikki.... Your blog design and colors look so cheerful and beautiful!!

I'm so glad the memorial service for your beloved grandmother went well. You and your grandmother were blessed to have such a close and loving relationship, sharing your love for the Lord with one another.

I'm praying for your dad's healing and for your move to go well.

I totally disagree with you ..that 'you think you are far from the woman that you long to be in the Lord'....Vikki, your faith is a constant source of inspiration to me!!