Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Process~

Grieving is a process that I am finding to be hard~  each person does it in their own way.  Many in the family have found destructive ways to is very sad because I know that my father would not approve.  Sadly; there are those who seem to think we should just move along...just forget and suppress our feelings.  I am not one of them.  I think of my father throughout the day~ and I miss him terribly but I remind myself that he is healthy again~ and that makes me happy to think of him...walking again and healthy again and with my grandparents.  God's mercies to those of us who "believe" are evident in the little and the big.  I am so thankful to be reminded that God loves us and is interested in all aspects of our lives.  I spent the past eight days with Gabby, our youngest at the hospital.  She woke up last Saturday with horrible pain and just like we thought it was her appendix...the doctor took it out and it not only ruptured but also caused and very bad infection in the incision.  She was on very strong antibiotics...four of them! for these past eight days.  God is good though~  the medications worked and now she is resting comfortably.  Many wonder how I keep going..and I can tell you simply it is the grace of God.  Pure and simple..without my Lord I would not be able to get up some days...My Lord is amazing~ He takes me through each and everyday; no matter what it might hold.


Dolores said...

You're so right about the grieving process; each one of us handles the loss of a loved one in our own way..... and that's okay.

I'm so sorry to hear about Gabby's appendicitis...... so glad the infection is gone and she's recuperating.

I hope the move is going well!
Love and prayers!

Nana's Nuggets said...

Hi! Vikki, hope this finds you feeling better, and praying for your daughter that things are better with her health! And yes the grieving process is different with every one! you know when their birthdays, anniversary's, and even their death dates come around I have had just a very
sad:( spirit about me, and even just break on and off! but that is God's way of allowing us to release the grief! I pray I did not upset you, when I checked on you! I just kinda felt that maybe I offended you in some way. So sorry if I did! but anyway may the peace of God rest upon you and your Family this day! Warm Blessings to your heart from mine:)