Saturday, August 6, 2011


It appears Tom has a new job~  it is looking like we will be heading to West Virginia....the state capital , Charleston.  He is moving along in the employment process.  Several weeks ago I went online and started sending out his resume all over the country...and he got a hit from West first they approached him about a sales position with Ikon in the town of Beckley...and than as the process moved along and various higher-ups saw his resume...they offered him a sales manager position for the eastern portion of the state...with eight employees underneath him!  Can't begin to even say how this has put a spring in his step~  I have been praying and asking the Lord just to give him a job where he can use his skills....where he would be appreciated....a job I am thankful beyond measure.  So the next step is for him to fly up and see the facilities and meet them and look at the contract....and if all goes well they would like him to start in September.  He would go up first as we are in a lease and than I would visit and we would look for a place to live.   Amanda knows and we are not sure if she will be going along~ she wanted to attend college here and work at our church....we have not told Gabby or Austin.  I know that they both will have a harder time....Gabs is just really starting to come into her own....and we've been in our church for twenty years.....but I know that if God makes this possible; he will make a way...with a church and friends...and a home.  It is a big step for our family...but God will make a way.  It will enable us for the first time in years to be able to not worry about finances and this is a big will afforded us the ability to do things as a family...for the kids to have activities again...and it will give us the much needed health insurance I have been praying for so we can get Austie well~  I believe it is a we'll know for sure in the next week...and I continue to pray.


Nana's Nuggets said...

Wonderful News! yea! Thank You God for your Promises! and when He starts something He Finishes it!! Love this Answered Prayer!! have a great week! Keep Trusting, Believing, and Thanking Him!!

Dolores said...

Oh Vikki.....this is wonderful news. We've been praying for your family, and will continue praying for each person in your family......for the acceptance of this opportunity.
Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!!!