Saturday, September 10, 2011

God is bigger~

Tom got home this afternoon exhausted from the day yesterday~ it was long...he left Fort Lauderdale at seven and than got in late last night.  Tomorrow he is off bright and early to work.  Well~ things went in manner that he has never experienced now he doesn't know where he stands and is confused.  The gentleman he would be working for directly was very nice and professional...but the regional~ that was a different story altogether.  He said some very negative things in regards to Tom's appearance...he went in a suit...and implied that perhaps he would have a hard time fitting in because of his Tom's father is Dutch his mother Spanish and Tom looks he was left wondering what was this person's implication but!  no matter~ because Tom said he did not blink...did not let this person see that he was upset and proceeded to conduct himself in the manner he always does~ professionally.  I think that for whatever reason he has a a sense of being superior and that my husband said is fine...he just would like a job.  So it is in God's hands because whether this man realizes it or is not about what he wants~ he is not in control of our lives...GOD IS!  So take that~ because I know my God is bigger and continues to provide.

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Dolores said...

Vikki....I somehow missed this blog post. I' m so sorry there are people in this world who love the feeling of superiority and being judgmental
Thank God your family didn't move there and then find out ...I'm praying for your family!