Thursday, January 26, 2012


My review went very well~better than I could have anticipated.  I am so thankful~they are very happy with my performance and can't believe that I have been there only two months.  I believe that the Lord placed me where I am at...and I am more than thankful.  My manager and supervisor have offered to teach me everything that they know and have told me that I can take any of the classes online that are I am going to make like a sponge and soak it all up!  I spoke with the branch manager about getting more hours because of Tom's layoff and she is going to try to get me as close to full-time as possible.  On Monday she is going to call the managers in the area and ask if I can work at their branches in the morning before I come in...and than she told me that I can pick up as many Saturday's as I like~I just need to ask each week who would like me to fill in for them.  So I think the Lord is opening doors to provision and that makes me very happy; I believe that God will not leave our matter what the circumstances may look like.  His promises are for today, tomorrow and our future.


Dolores said...

Such promising and wonderful news......Praise God!

Angela Marie Lambert said...

Praise Jesus! One day at a time, sweet Jesus! We're standing with you all, keep close as a family and keep loving each other because your "ministry" is how you show that where two or more is gathered in His name, there He will be! Hoorah Goedmakers!