Friday, March 2, 2012

I am free~

Life has been moving at a frantic pace as of late~ the days just seem to blend together.  I have working a great deal....six days a week...But! so thankful as Tom is still looking for work.  God is good giving me the strength I need each day.  So looking forward to Sunday~the day of rest.  Tom is excited; he has a job interview on Monday!   The job is in his field and last year this company had offered him a position but it was as a the terms of employment have changed and they are offering a base and commissions as well as expense we will see what transpires.  It is in Gods hands!   God continues to be faithful to our family~ and I continue to pray for direction and guidance in our lives.  There are days when I wonder  when the  Lord will deliver us from this season in our lives but on those days I just really try to remember that I have to trust~ its not easy but I was reminded this morning during my quiet time that we are no meant for this is not our home.  A thought I have to tell you I find comforting.  I am trying to relax in my Father's arms~ reminding myself I am not in control and you know what I am learning; I don't have to be! and this is a really freeing realization.

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Dolores said...

Vikki, this is such a sweet and inspiring post... and so true!
Hope you're doing well.