Saturday, March 10, 2012

So very thankful~ Tom got the job!!  He starts training on Monday.  He was told they would like to train him to be a sales I am sending the Lord before..praying that he would find favor with fellow employees and of course his bosses.  He is a hard worker and simply needs a chance.  I continue to work at the bank~ everyone is pleasant though it is hard for me to be standing for hours on end.  I just get up everyday and send the Lord before~ he has given me the ability to get through each day.  I am going to be looking into taking some classes~ so many avenues out there...going to pray and see where the Lord opens doors.  Gabby had a wonderful time this this weekend at the student leadership conference.  Austin and Amanda spent the weekend at Titi Sylvia's house watching movies..playing Pokeno and snacking.  Going to spend the next day resting up for the week of work ahead.  So thankful for God's continued provision.


Angela Marie Lambert said...

AWESOME HAPPY for Tom and you all! Praise Jesus and yes, He is faithful to help us in our times of need! Thank you Jesus for helping a dear friend and being her friend that sticks closer than a brother. You are so good, Lord!

Dolores said...

I'm so behind on reading and responding to my blog friends...sorry.
I'm so thrilled to read of Tom's job..... an answer to many prayers.

Keeping your family and your uncle in my thoughts and prayers!