Sunday, October 21, 2012


This week was my first week back at work after several weeks off.  September is beginning to become a hard time of year for me due to the extreme Summer here in sunny south Florida.  So it was my yearly week spent in the hospital and back home again to recuperate.  It was a so good to be back in my classroom with my little munchkins...they were so happy to see me.  Nothing like great big hugs from little ones to make you feel loved and appreciated. I am the only one up this Sunday morning as the kids and Tom had a late night watching movies and playing games.  I am enjoying the silence and my coffee.  It was a hard day yesterday~lots of pain from getting back into the swings of things at school.  I am going to simply spend the day taking it easy and getting ready for the week ahead.  Very thankful that Tom got an appointment with UPS tomorrow morning!  We have been praying that he would be able to get in for an interview.  So tomorrow at 6 am bright and early he will be meeting with them.  I continue to pray for my husband~that God will impress upon him that he has not been forgotten.  That God would allow him to see that he does indeed have a plan for his life~that he will continue to take our family through whatever he has allowed in our path.  So I continue to trust and look for the Lord to provide...and his provision has been consistent and good.  Watching Pastor Stanley this morning and he is saying that" every trial in our life has a divine prescription"...Count it all joy!  I am counting~and I am so very thankful that the God of creation loves me enough to continue to hold me up even when I don't think that I can keep going...that the God of heaven above loves me enough to give me the strength I need for another day.  Thank you Father for loving me.

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