Sunday, December 2, 2012

God is good~

God has been good to me....God is so good~I remember singing these words as a little girl in church and as I reflect on all the changes that our family has been through; I find that indeed He has been good.  Hubby now has a job!!  That he really enjoys...with a boss that treats his employees well.  We have just returned from a vacation with the children that got us away for Thanksgiving...a good time was had by all. Austin has finally gotten a diagnoses; Connective tissue disease. Now he will be on medication and Lord willing and with much prayer; his condition will improve.  There have been many little things along the way that add up and that I will try to never take for granted again.  Now I am praying to be able to embrace this third holiday season without my dad.  There is the void of his presence at his favorite time of year.  I don't suppose it will get easier for many holidays to come~but I want to embrace the spirit we once had before his passing. So I am going to decorate something we haven't done in two years.  We will have a tree~we all agreed.  Last year no one wanted one...and we will watch Christmas specials and plan what to do for Christmas.  God was and is so good to me.


Dolores said...

God is good indeed!!! I love hearing good news like this..... I've kept your family in my thoughts and prayers and I'm so happy that prayers are being answered.

Jacob William said...

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Vikki G said... has been quite some time since I had read this post. I am glad you found it encouraging. Reading this brought back a flood of memories. Six Christmas's have passed now without my father and this year I was able to remember him and honor him with my family. Blessings, Vikki