Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Rambling thoughts~

Mom left bright and early this morning for North Carolina to visit my aunt and uncle.  Tom and I dropped her off at the airport at 5:30!  So it has been quite a long day.  I was so happy that my aunt and uncle sent her a plane ticket.....she can really use time away and time with her sister.  She had not seen her for almost eight years because dad could no longer travel easily.  I am hoping and praying that this will be a good time of fellowship for her and time spent healing.  It has been a very hard several days for me~  Can't explain it but I have been missing dad so much..... I miss him daily but it has been very painful as of late....I miss his presence and his strength.  Even as his health continued to decline; he was the strongest man I have ever known.  I suppose it could be all the changes.....or it is just maybe that I miss him and will continue too~  Tom got a call yesterday and he has an interview tomorrow afternoon at three for a management position with the UPS store.  I continue to pray for full-time employment for him and for our family.  I am faced with do I go back to school or not....I am praying for direction.  The kiddies at church tonight were for the most part calm....I am so thankful for this as I am still under the weather from bronchitis....and exhausted from getting up at four this morning after only sleeping for several hours.  Thank you Lord~  Tomorrow I will be watching the munchkin my niece, Summer Elizabeth Ann.  She is a sweetie and too cute~  My dad would have absolutely been getting a kick out of her antics.  I praise God that he got to spend almost a whole year with her and she got to love on her papa.  I am thankful that my children got to enjoy their childhood with my dad....all the trips and memories we made and I can close my eyes and remember them all~  My children are blessed and so are we...God gave the gift of time and although I wish that He would have given more...I can look back through the years and realize how blessed we were and are.....

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Dolores said...

Vikki, You were blessed with such good Christian parents who raised you with all the 'right stuff'.....

It's good to hear that your mom is having some time away.
All of you have been through so much over the past years. You need time for healing.

I remember when my mother and brother died, and I thought I'd never get over missing them. I still miss them so much, but time has helped to ease the pain.

You're in my thoughts and prayers.
Prayers for the UPS position!