Sunday, February 27, 2011


I am so thankful today as I look back over the past several days and can see the Lord's hand in it~  I had an interview set for Wednesday for Macy's to work in their office...just something part-time to help out with the bills...well~  got there and the young lady interviewing was young...and unprepared and somewhat unprofessional but!  I was here for a job so I kept it too myself and just was screaming in my head. ha ha  She said I was only her second interview and that she may not get back to me for weeks~  and than she actually for some reason looked at my resume....She saw I had managed a swimwear boutique...oh so long ago~  and asked me to come back in an hour for an interview with the lingerie manager for a full-time position.  I have to been honest...I was not excited about the prospect of bras and panties but!  it's a job and I needed one desperately so I said of course I would come back~  so I went back and waited and waited and waited some I am waiting a women strikes up a conversation with me and asks why am I waiting so long~  who am I waiting for and than she sits down to talk....I told her and she says to me~  you don't really want to work there?  I answer honestly and tell her no but I need a job!  She than explains to me that she is the store manager....The Lord is good!  She tells me that she doesn't want to see me stuck for ninety days and that she knows I will hate it and quit~  so why don't I let her find me a place in the store that is full-time ...where I will be happy and can make money.  My goodness~  she than has me interview with the manager for lingerie anyway so that they can stamp my papers for hire....and the manager tells me that they will be calling me as soon as they find someplace for could be a day or a week.  I leave and get a phone call that night~ so I go back and meet with department head who tells me that the manager wants me in and that they don't normally do this because the position is considered a promotion and they don't hire from the outside...I get to meet the vendor for Ralph Lauren and we hit it off and now I have a job....They hired me as a Ralph Lauren specialist~  So happy!  I have work...and just in time as Tom's unemployment has been suspended until next month sometime.  God intervened .....Monday as I was driving...having a heart to heart with the Lord...I told our needs~  So thank you Lord for listening!

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Dolores said...

Oh my goodness.... this is the most uplifting story of hope, faith and prayers.
I know for me.... I've been praying for you and your family.....and I say, "thank you God"....
big hugs....and thank you prayers!