Monday, February 14, 2011


Amanda was reflecting tonight about this time last year~ her and I were keeping vigil at dad's bedside at the hospital as he overcame a horrible infection.  It has been a hard eight weeks....yes, that is all....eight weeks that he has been gone.  There are days when it seems that I just saw him and kissed him goodnight and other days when it seems a lifetime since I had seen him last.  So many changes....we were able to move; which I am so thankful for~ across the street from mom...God very much orchestrated this as she needs us so much.  The kids are starting to settle into a routine again~  their very own routine but I have always been a flexible parent~  I don't want to major in the minors.  But!  We all still miss him so~  There are days that really are very was one of them.  Mom has the business dad left her...but I have a brother who is a non-believer who thinks it is rightly his.....I pray and pray each day that the Lord would just lift him up out of the business and place him elsewhere.....he has made my mother's life very difficult.  I wonder at times where this particular relation came from as he is so different that the rest of us....very discontented....very hard to get along with....never anything nice to dad has been gone such a short time and his presence is missed so dearly and yet my brother finds it so easy to disparage him.....Our family needs prayer dear sisters~  I am heartbroken over this situation.  I will continue to take it before the Lord and I pray for my mothers protection....emotional and financially.....As well as for continued good was a great deal for mom to care for dad especially these last few years and yet he has no compassion......Dad was a very compassionate person; who taught his children to be the I am at a loss~  I remember him as someone who loved his family first and foremost.  Dad would have done anything for his children, grandchildren....mother...father....sibling~  This Valentines Day is the first for mom without him...she had a dear friend invite her dinner.  I am very grateful for this dear woman who has taken my mom to her heart and has really been there to keep her busy.  Lord I am asking for a resolution to this problem....And I thank you for the wonderful memories you've given me and for the lessons that I learned through dad's life~


Nana's Nuggets said...

Hi! vikki, so good to hear from you. Happy:) Valentines day! I will put your brother on my prayer lists, girl I will pray with you. this is not surprizing to God He knows all about it! We just have to approach the throne of Grace and keep trusting! Hope you have a wonderful week! Also Thanking god for your house! Love and Blessings of peace!

Dolores said...

I'm so glad you've posted, I've been concerned and wondering how your family is getting along.

I'm so glad you moved across from your mother, it must be such a comfort to all of you to be near one another.

I'm so sorry to hear about your brother. I'll be lifting him up in my prayers. We know that God can change/heal his heart and mind. Praying this will happen soon.

Time is strange isn't it.....I understand ....