Sunday, April 17, 2011


It has been a very busy week~ I have had mom in the hospital with salmonella poisoning since Wednesday night.  I was at the hospital with her until six am...oh my~  Thank God that I have been on a leave for work for a flare...yuck!  Tomorrow back to work...really no rest to have been had this week with the back and forth.  My doctor wanted to increase my steroids again..but! after losing twenty-five pounds and seeing all the complications dad had after twenty-two years of having to be on them; I have decided enough is enough and I will just have to deal with the pain.  Work was not accommodating at first but I am so thankful for the ADA act and the head human resources department has been more than accommodating offering me four weeks off~ but I need to work and unless I am in a bad way..I will.  Tom's job is going well although he had a slow week..but in sales that is to be expected at times...I am trying to encourage him. Amanda has resolved herself to not attending graduation ceremonies...she says she is beyond that point in her life and just wants to get on with her life...especially with dad gone.  She is continuing to work at the church..that is where her heart is~ and than would like to do some missions work.  Austin's sleep schedule is off poor son but I don't see the point in stressing him out anymore than he is....Life is too short!  Gabby continues to go to her weekly girls group at church~  I just pray daily that the Lord would bring her and Austin some godly friends like Amanda has~  they both could use some company although they are each other's best friends.  Mom is going to start looking for teaching work...I believe that this will help her a great deal to have something to do...something that she enjoys.  Meanwhile my aunt (dad's sister) has to go for tests. The doctor found a spot on her breast and it looks suspicious.  I am praying that it is nothing...she smokes all the time.  Life is never easy...just don't know how people handle it without God.  I know that I never could....I know my limitations and without him and faith; I am nothing.


Dolores said...

So sorry to hear about your mom. I hope she's feeling better by now..... salmonella is an awful thing!
I hope she can find a teaching job that she enjoys.

I'm praying for you ....steroids are one of those drugs that are wonderful and also can be awful.

Yes, how could we go through each day with the Lord .......
My prayers are with you and your sweet family!
Blessings and prayers!

Nana's Nuggets said...

Hi! Vikki, so good to hear from you! Hope things are better today! and you're Mom Is improving! God is good, Keep that Faith going girl! Have a great week!