Monday, March 9, 2009

Final Decisions~

Today was hard for many reasons~ It was another day without my meds which has been trying to say the least...I am extremely tired at this point and no amount of coffee will fix it. Tom picked Haley up this afternoon along with Eddie and Emily. Chris met with the attorney's today to finalize the divorce. She is so very sad~ and it really does break my heart to see her despairing is an end to a dream of my brother getting saved and coming home to his family for her and the children. I don't think that people really realize what divorce does to a home..what one bad decision can do to everyone around them. My prayer continues to be for his salvation and restoration. My prayer for Chris is that she stands firm on the Word and doesn't allow herself to lose heart ...for her sake as well as the children. Tom is working tonight. He was given some extra hours at another store..this is a blessing as he has yet to receive an unemployment check. It is amazing too me that our president is talking about all the help available to those who have lost their jobs and we have yet to receive any help at all~ But I did not vote for him and am frankly horrified by all the things that he has done thus I made the kids Sweet and Sour Chicken tonight....and miracle of miracle....they loved it! Which is a real miracle because I can't cook to save my life when I am not feeling well...but the recipe was so I am thrilled. I am once again just going to be watching a movie tonight because I can't seem to concentrate with this I've not been reading like I normally would...but Tom brought home a movie I had started to watch last week that I did not get to finish~ Joshua...a Christian movie ..what I saw of it was very good. So that's all for now..I am going to rest some more~


Mrs. D said...

Vikki, I was struck by one word you mentioned in your post. Coffee. This may have nothing to do with you, but let me share. For the last 5 years I have been crippled with fibromyalgia, esophageal spasms, chronic chest pain, depression and stomach disorder. Before Christmas this year, I felt the Holy Spirit leading me to get off coffee. I'd tried everything else and was taking 4 prescription medications. The withdrawal was the hardest thing I'd experienced, but within a week I could tell a difference and today I am healthy, exercising, losing weight, pain free and off all medications. I still have arthritis, but I swim 3 times a week and watch my diet. Caffeine poisoning is an authentic problem that few people know about. I miss my lattes, but not the baggage that came with it. Who knew. Email me if you want to talk about it.

B J Keltz said...

I'll be praying for Chris and the kids. Been there, and 19 years after the split, he has not changed. I will keep you in my prayers as well.

For Mrs. D...Isn't it amazing how individual we each are? Several months without coffee had no effect on me, so I'm free to enjoy it in moderation now. Sometimes I think the obedience is more of a key than the substance, though the uniqueness for all of us is just astounding.