Thursday, March 5, 2009

Wonderful Thing~

This week seems to be ticking by at a very slow rate~ I have been down for the past week due to not having my has been a challenge to say the least but by the grace of God I am getting by~ This season of our lives has been extremely difficult ...some days I meet each and every difficulty head on and other days; I seem to only get my head above the water...but we are surviving! And that in and of itself is a miracle~ It is a testament to our faith...and above all the Gods faithfulness. Tom is off today to run errands many and varied to get our house in order before he leaves in the next several weeks for trucking is with some heaviness that the thought of not having him around is beginning to hit me. I know that this is a positive step for our family because he must have a job and this is what God laid on his heart in order to support our family~ and I am blessed because we have a strong church family that will help me. I suppose it is just the uncertainty of my health that has me in such a tizzy. I am sure that once I am able to be up and about again... doing and not just sitting around I will feel like my old self again. It is a time like no other not just for me but for many others out there..a time that our country as a whole has not seen in many years. I can't help but think that the Lord is trying desperately to awaken this nation that we are "under God" and not above like so many think...that we need Him in our lives and that He holds the key to the problems our nation faces~ This could really be a time of spiritual awakening ..if people turn their ear and heart to Him..Will they?! I suppose we will see the answers are not in the government or president..people will let you down..But God never will! Just when you think all is lost ...He is there with outstretched arms ~ Waiting for us ...I know this to be true..I have seen it first-hand in our lives..He is providing..we are not going without...His provision is moment by moment and it is not easy but His grace is a wonderful thing.

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