Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What a night~

What a night tonight~ I am teaching a bible study for middle- schoolers at church and to say things have changed since I was a pre-teen is an understatement! This is my Gabby's group and her leader stepped down and I can see why...although come what may I am in it for the long haul. I am sure the girls won't be thrilled...I was told that they do not respect their parents; so I shouldn't expect any respect....well, this did not sit well with me and I told them in no uncertain terms that we are here to learn the Word and bad behaviour will not be tolerated~ So I think there will be many and varied tests from these children. So remember me and most of all them in prayer...How do you touch a child's life that doesn't want to be touched?! So I threw out my lesson and we will be studying Proverbs..Perhaps God can use this to work in their hearts and lives. It is so sad that these days parents are so occupied by wanting to be "friends" with their children that they neglect to parent and Shepard them...They are doing them such a disservice by not giving them boundaries and allowing them to think that the world revolves around them~ I will be praying for these girls this week that God will do a work in their lives....and I will pray for those who are there to learn and had to be distracted from their goal~ My prayer is for these children because that is really what they are.... that they can rise above their circumstances and choose Gods ways over that of their peers.

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A Gracious Home said...

I understand this post completely. I will be praying that their hearts will open and hear what the Lord is teaching them through you. Have a great day, Doylene