Friday, March 6, 2009

Great Afternoon~

Tom and I had a great afternoon running errands. It has been so long since I have been out of the house it felt great to get some fresh air. We ran to the bank for grandma and then had lunch together at our favorite Chinese takeout. It was great! Orange Chicken, Pork fried rice, soup....Yummy~ The company wasn't bad either....hahaha Then we were off to get grandma things she had requested and then to visit with her for a while..She hadn't had any visitors for sometime~ It seems that unless we visit or take her out no one is a shame because grandma always took care of everyone. She looked good though and we had a really nice visit with her..we left her having her favorite diet root beer. More errands and now we're home and I am resting before cooking dinner tonight. It will be a typical Friday night for us with the kids..low key just the way we like it~ We are trying to spend as much time just being together as the time draws closer for Tom to leave for school. We won't be leaving for the annual Tallahassee trip this year..I am not up to it and need time to recuperate for convention in May~ This will also give us uninterrupted time together before Tom leaves and frees me up to help Chris with the kids over spring break. Amanda will be singing tomorrow with the choir at church and Tom will be chaperoning youth group tomorrow night. We are off from the horses this we will get to sleep in ..something we haven't done in quite sometime~ Well, off to start dinner..we're having salad and steak tonight..simple, easy and good.

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