Thursday, June 11, 2009

Relaxing day with the girls~

Today the girls and I are just pulling a relaxer! You know sometimes it is just good to sit around and do absolutely nothing....I got the Tom and Austie up early this morning to help move my father's office. Something which is heart rendering knowing that he can no longer go into the office he loves due to his health issues But! the mere fact that he is hanging in in the way he is is a testament to his will to live and Gods mercy. So this afternoon I sit here on the couch keeping my girls company who are under the weather...Amanda with a sinus infection and Gabby with a toothache and we will just be couch potatoes~ Something we haven't done in quite sometime...We simply just need some rest after the last several weeks of hospitalization and worry on the kids part...we are bone weary tired and need to recuperate. We had a lovely visit from dear friends yesterday who were sweet enough to bring us a lovely lunch that left us enough for dinner leftovers and she even baked the kids homemade cookies~ I have been blessed with such good friends and a wonderful church that has risen to the occasion of blessing us in our time of need. ...and the added blessing of having our family back together again is something for which I cannot begin to express~ God is good, We are blessed and will continue to look to Him to meet our every need.

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