Saturday, June 20, 2009

Yard Sale Weekend~

Yard sale weekend...I got everyone up this morning at six am after going to bed with a migraine last night. So thankful though that God gave me the strength to get up! Wasn't sure if I would be able too~ Tom will be leaving on Sunday at noon for trucking school...he is a bit nervous and and very much on edge about passing this class...I can't imagine that it is easy navigating those large eighteen wheelers. I am praying that the Lord would help him not only to pass but get a job...we have been blessed by my parents and extended family helping us right now as Tom's unemployment benefits were taken away because he had to quit his blockbuster part-time job in order to go away to school...go we are trying to better our families circumstances...can't figure out this government we have...but that is a whole other story for which I could begin an endless rant...So we made three hundred dollars today..and we will be back at it tomorrow much for Father's day for Tom...Perhaps we'll celebrate after his graduation. Anyone reading this post please pray for us..we are trying to get enough money this weekend in order to pay our car insurance bill and Tom's truck payment all due this week....But! I am so very thankful that the Lord enabled us to make the money we did!

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Debbie said...

Congrats on your garage sale; glad that was successful. Thanks for leaving a nice comment on my blog regarding the government. I don't usually blog politics, but I felt very strongly about it. I may not post all the comments I get, I expect some of them may not be nice. Yes, I too was agog over how many voters claiming to be conservatives cast their votes for this man.
"By their fruits you will know them". I wonder if the "delusion" spoken of in the Bible has already happened! Later, Deb