Saturday, May 15, 2010


Life is bittersweet right now~ Ten years is winding down in our home....we received a letter stating that Tom has a court date set for the hearing own our home. This is something we knew was lurking around the corner and although we very much want to move due to mold and other factors...we were hoping for more time. I have been pleading with the Lord for time and for provision for our family..a place where we can land...a place we can call home. He'll be attending the court date on June 15th and will plead with the judge for more time...time to get a job...time to save some money and find a place. I know that this hasn't taken God by surprise..He knew what would happen and I must believe that He will show mercy. Many mixed emotions this last week as I take it all in...sometimes too much to process. This earthly walk of faith isn't's not without many questions but I know that I must hold it together; after all the kids need me...grandma needs parents need me and my husband needs me to believe in him~ so I am clinging..clinging some more on my rock..the Lord.

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Dolores said...

Hi Vikki.....
I'm so glad that you're sharing your life with me..... I ALWAYS feel that we need to pray specific prayers for ourselves and others. I will be praying a specific prayer for your family.

You're so right, our earthly walk of faith is not an easy one, but I know your faith, strength and love are so strong. God will never give us more than we can handle (I know many times we feel that we can't handle anymore)....that's when we have to hang on tight to our faith.
My thought, love and most of all ...prayers are with you all!